Why Choose a Natural Acne Remedy?

There are many reasons why somebody might choose a natural acne remedy rather than using over-the-counter drugs, antibiotics and so on.

First of all, let me just give a quick explanation of the medical cause of acne. Acne is also known by the name acne vulgaris and is an infection that is caused by the sebaceous glands overworking and clogging up of the hair follicles in the skin. This results in inflammation that leads to pimples (also known as spots or zits) on the affected areas. Although acne can actually people at any time in life, it most commonly affects people at the age of puberty.

Cost Effectiveness

Most drugs can work out to be incredibly expensive and as acne can often affect younger people, particularly teenagers, this option is simply out of the question. Medical insurance does not usually cover the treatment of acne and therefore natural acne remedies can provide a very cost effective alternative. Often a natural acne remedy will require the use of everyday ingredients that can be found in a local supermarket and as such they are both affordable and easily accessible.

Side Effects

Many drugs carry with them all manner of unwanted side effects such as depression and irritation. In addition, some people suffer from allergic reactions to the drugs which can actually cause a worsening of the original condition, especially if the treatment is topical – such as a cream or lotion. Natural acne remedy solutions only use natural substances and so the risk of side effects is greatly reduced.

Avoids Animal Testing

Even though this may not be a primary concern for all acne suffers, many drugs and treatments that are prescribed by the medical community have been tested on animals. Using natural treatments there are no such concerns.

Always Take Precautions

Having discussed some of the benefits of choosing a natural acne remedy over something more synthetic you must still take precautions. Make sure that with any topical treatment that you do a small skin test to check for possible reactions.