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What do the “Self-Made Man” and Patent Law Have in Common?

What do the “Self-Made Man” and Patent Law Have in Common?

In a word DEFINITIONS.  The phrase “Self-Made Man” has a specific definition and context.  The phrase is not the sum of the individual meanings of the words in the phrase.  Just as the phrase Bourbon Street does not mean a street made of bourbon and Cinderella Team does not mean the team from or playing for Cinderella and the word Novel in patent law does not mean creating something out of nothing.  Every word has both a definition and a context, when you ignore either you are either ignorant or purposely deceitful, which is exactly what Marxists, like President Obama, are doing with the phrase “self-made man.”

The definition of the phrase self-man made is a person who created their wealth through invention, production and/or trade.  The context of the phrase “self-made man” is that American’s were distinguishing between people whose wealth was inherited like the aristocracy of Europe or dictators who made their wealth by force and people who made their wealth by voluntary exchange.  Marxists are trying to turn the definition of a “self made man” into someone who created their wealth without any interaction with the outside world.  If you take their definition literally, it means someone who created themselves out of nothing.  This is impossible since it violates Conservation of Energy and Matter, which is exactly what Liberals want.  Note that this is exactly what the anti-patent crowd does with the definition of Novel – namely in order to obtain a patent you have to create something out of nothing, which is impossible.  This is worse than deceitful on their part, it is a deliberate attack on reason.  Only an irrational person would setup an irrational goal and demand people live up to it.

Unfortunately, in patent law we see this sort of dishonest behavior by the anti-patent crowd, examiners at the patent office, and judges opposed to patents law all the time.  These groups purposely take words out of context or ignore the definitions of the words.  Other words the Left has purposely taken out of context include liberal, monopoly, rights, and novel (in patent law).

It is interesting that socialists like Elizabeth Warren and Obama would attack something that is uniquely American.  Do they want to glorify the Aristocracy of the Old World and denigrate honest work?  Their contempt of America’s unique history, individualism, and success, demonstrates that they are not advocating policies that will produce success for the United States.  In fact, they are advocating policies that will produce the decline of the United States and untold human suffering.  Liberals are fond of talking about hate speech, well President Obama is clearly using hate speech, hate of America, hate of achievement, and hate of human happiness when he denigrates the concept of the “Self-Made Man”.

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