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The Ballad of the Patent Troll

The Ballad of the Patent Troll

This videoby Alexander Poltorak takes on a number of the myths associated with patent trolls.  The video explains the hypocrisy of large companies complaining about “Patent Trolls.”  It also makes an interesting point that patents are not a tax on innovation but a tax on copiers (non-innovators).  While I do not agree with all the points in the video, it makes a valuable contribution to the discussion about the value of patents.


  1. DB,

    Thanks for the link.

    Repeating the T-word, even while criticizing it, has the psychological backfire effect of making the T-word common place and thus acceptable.

    Never use the T-word in public.

    By similar token, forgetting that inventor-aye-shin always starts with an inventor has the same effect as erasing the inventor’s image off of his in-(no inventor here)-vation.

    Never use the in-NO-vation negativity in public.
    It’s called invention.
    Or it’s called inventor-aye-shin.

    Usage thereof is a no know when it comes to in_no_vation.

  2. Stepback,

    You are converting me slowly. Here is one for – never use the m-word with respect to patents. It is factually and hstorically incorrect and propogates the myth.

  3. What is the t-word and the m-word. Can we please use English?

  4. You could also answer the question or is that below you?

  5. Hi Paul,

    I am not sure what you are asking.

    t-word is Troll
    m-word is Monopoly

  6. I am so sorry, I thought you called me a troll due to my question. Thanks for clearing it up and providing me with the answer.

  7. Paul, I would never call you a Troll. I hope all is going well.

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