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The JOBS Act was passed by Congress on March 27, 2012.  It was designed to ease the absurd regulatory burden imposed on companies by Sarbanes Oxley.  I said that the Act was a small step in the right direct – JOBS Act Small Step in Right Direction.  It now appears that even this small step is going to be stopped or delayed.  The Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Schapiro is delaying implementing this law.  She has decided on her own that this law is not in the interest of investors.  For more information see In the midst of a fiscal crisis we can’t afford to scrap the JOBS Act.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that administrators of regulatory agencies have the right to not enforce the laws passed by the Congress and signed into law by the President.  Ms. Schapiro should be thrown in jail for life – she is thousand times more dangerous than any stock swindler the SEC is chasing.  The stock swindler does not have the power to subvert the Constitution, but we put up with this in arrogant bureaucrats every day.  Come to think of it nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize the SEC or any of the other regulatory agencies.  The only Constitutional way to create a SEC, EPA, FBI, etc., would be for the states to create and control these agencies


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