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IPBiz on Mark Cuban’s Comments on Patents

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been weighing in on patents and patent deform (America Invents Act).  Lawrence Ebert, who writes IPBiz, has an excellent analysis entitled, Mark Cuban on patent law: who wants to make lawyers happy anyway ?.  According to IPBiz, Cuban argues

Pick any country that is currently doing well, China is a perfect example. In China the Intellectual Property Laws are so weak that someone thought it was a good idea to completely replicate Apple retail stores. Compare their economy to ours. As much as I hate to compare other economies to ours, it’s worth taking a look .

Ebert’s  response is right on: S

Sure, free riders can have a great run, up to the point that they run out of creators to steal from.

Mark Cuban made his money being reseller of software.  He has no experience in trying to create an invention and then market the invention and then have another person steal your inventive effort.  Mr. Cuban might feel different if I broadcast his Dallas Mavericks without paying him a licensing fee.  Intellectually and morally it would be exactly the same position and think of all the money I would make.



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