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Obama to Little Red Hen – ‘You Didn’t Make that Loaf of Bread’

Obama to Little Red Hen – ‘You Didn’t Make that Loaf of Bread’

President Obama is rewriting the story of the Little Red Hen.  The Little Red Hen did not create the grain of wheat she planted, she didn’t create the rain that brought nourishment to the wheat, she didn’t create the nutrients that were in the soil, she did not create the sunlight that allowed the wheat to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, she did not create her existence – her parents did (existentialism on steroids), she did not invent threshing, she did not invent milling, she did not invent baking and by the way she did not create yeast either.  THEREFORE Obama has a right to redistribute the Little Red Hen’s loaf of bread.

Of course, neither did Obama or any of the animals he is redistributing the loaf of bread to.  This is exactly the same argument used by Software Wants to be Free crowd when it comes to inventions.

For more on Obama’s and Elizabeth Warren’s intellectual dishonesty see Elizabeth Warren’ Hate Speech

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