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John Clemens Show – USA Radio

John Clemens Show – USA Radio

Dale Halling is on the John Clemens show on USA Radio Network which is syndicated around the country.  The transcript of the show is provided below.

With a nine-point-seven percent unemployment rate, many Americans are asking, “where are the jobs?”  Business-policy expert, entrepreneur, patent attorney and author Dale Halling says politicians should begin to look at where the real jobs can be created.  John Clemens reports.

3:00 Standard close

Dale Halling is the author of the book, “The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur.”  Halling writes if Washington wants to create real jobs, they should look at technology where 70 percent of  new jobs will be found.

:20   “advances in technology”

He says entrepreneurs have been stifled by legislation over the last two decades.

:11   “number of entrepreneurs”

Dale Halling says over the last decade foreign countries have made great advances in technology, while the number of American patents issued has been flat.

:26   “to their inventions”

Dale Halling has a four step plan to get America back on track.

:30  “stock options”

It has been both legal rulings as well as legislation that has placed  road blocks in front of many potential entrepreneurs and with that the loss of potential jobs for Americans

:26   “to grow”

Dale Hallings is doing his best to get the attention of not only politicians but those Americans witnessing the Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur.

:13    “Halling b l o g-dot-com”

This is John Clemens.

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