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Guest Post: Stop the Destruction of Independent Invention

Guest Post: Stop the Destruction of Independent Invention

This is an open Letter by Randy Landreneau

Hello Friends,

The fight to stop multinational corporations from destroying the Patent System our Founders so intelligently created is coming to a head.  The Senate is expected to do something before the end of the month. I and some other inventors are going to Washington DC next week to meet with our Senators, and to do what we can to stop the further destruction of the American Patent System. We want as many inventors as possible to join us.

For any of you who aren’t up to speed, here’s the short version. Our Founders created the American Patent System much differently than patent systems in the rest of the world. The intent was that an individual from any walk of life would be able to own and benefit from that which he or she created. Since most innovation, and especially game-changing innovation, comes from individuals, not large corporations, the result of the American Patent System has been much more innovation from America than the rest of the world, and much greater economic success.

Effective innovation has been the reason for the economic success of America, but it is a threat to the vested interest. Large corporations would rather not have to worry about new products to compete with, and they would rather not have to deal with patent infringement lawsuits when they choose to act badly. The result has been serious efforts to change the American Patent System to something that is quite different than what was originally intended.

What is playing out right now is a very well-constructed campaign using misleading propaganda that has our politicians very close to destroying the American Patent System (as it relates to independent invention). The US House passed the Innovation Act faster than anyone thought possible. The Senate appears is trying to do the same. The only way to stop it is to get our Senators to see the truth.

The truth is that “Loser Pays” will make it virtually impossible for the typical independent inventor to defend a patent. Allowing “serial challenges” to issued patents will allow large corporations to bankrupt independent inventors and thereby eliminate competition. “Enhanced pleadings” and “limiting discovery” are further efforts to put patent holders at a disadvantage (see attached document). Everything in this legislation works against independent invention.

If there is any way you can come to Washington DC next week, please do it. I will be there Tuesday, January 22nd, but Paul Morinville will be there the 21st through the 23rd, and possibly the 24th also. We will work together, and go as a group to each other’s meetings where possible. We will inform you and support you in this effort. I am confident that we can make a difference. Please join us and help make sure independent inventors will not be shut out of America’s future.

If you can’t go, definitely continue to email and leave voice mails for your senators. This is easy – just go online, find them, go to their websites, hit “contact,” etc. Whether we win or lose this fight depends on what we do right now. Please help us win this battle.


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