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Guest Post: How to Boost Range of Wi-Fi Signal

Wireless technology has been proved to be a boon for the internet connectivity. It is surely convenient to one and all, but when the connecting speed goes down, nothing can seem to help you. The signal of a Wi-Fi computer network is something that can be improved and boosted up in many ways. To know them all, read on the following.

Reposition the router or access point

This is done in order to escape from radio interference and obstructions as well. The two of these are majorly responsible for reducing and affecting the range of the equipment that serves for Wi-Fi connection. Cordless phones, microwave ovens, brick and even plaster walls are a few residential sources which serve as immediate barriers in creating interference in the connection. The solution to avoid this interference is to change the number of Wi-Fi channel and this is done on the Wi-Fi equipment itself.

Upgrade the antenna on the router

The stations with a wireless base have Wi-Fi antennas. These antennas have the option to be removed and thereby a more powerful antenna can be fixed whose range is much higher.

You may add some other access point or router

The residential areas that are typically large do have to go for two or a little more access points (AP’s). And when it comes to a business house, then the need can turn up to more than a dozen of access point as the range has to be too large. This is much simpler when it comes to a home. All you are required to do is to connect the primary access point (or the wireless router) to the other with the help of an Ethernet cable. The wireless router or the AP’s that are employed at home are the ones which do not reciprocate with each other through a direct contact.

Employ a bi-directional Wi-Fi signal amplifier

The Wi-Fi signal amplifier is fixed to the wireless device. This Wi-Fi signal amplifier is also known as a “Signal Booster” because it boosts and amplifies the signal. The signal booster is simply fixed to either a Wi-Fi client or a router or to the access point. And the antenna is connected to any one of these. There is a particular point where the antenna has to be connected. The purpose of employing bi-directional antenna is to amplify the signal which is wireless in receiving and transmitting directions. The Wi-Fi transmission of this kind is known as two-way radio communication.

Add a Wi-Fi repeater

A Wi-Fi wireless repeater is a device which has to be positioned in such a way that it falls within a certain range of access point or wireless router. Infect, it is a stand-alone unit as a whole. The repeater is also known as range repeater sometimes. The function of this range repeater is to work like a double way and relay station for all Wi-Fi signals. The clients who really lie at a far distance from the original wireless router or AP have a good option to set up a link to the WLAN using the repeater.




About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of reading about new gizmos. Recently an article on Music Systems caught her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on perfect evening dress for dinner.



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