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Guest Post: America Invents Act about Protecting Large Corporations

Dear Friends,

It is easy to take for granted what we have in America.  Even with a terrible economy and crazy politicians, we are still better off than other countries.  Consider how many people try to get to America.  No other country has its equivalent of the “American Dream.”  What is it that makes America different?

When every nation on earth was run by aristocracies, a few great men stood up and said we will create a nation where the every person has rights and the individual is empowered with responsibility for his government and his society.  Furthermore, we will grant him the rights to that which he creates and will take away the barriers that other countries have for those who innovate.  At the time in England, only the privileged could afford to invent.

The patent system that our Founders created was revolutionary at the time, and continues to be significantly different and more favoring of the creative individual than the systems of other countries.  Other patent systems favor large companies and vested interests, and that is one reason that America has out-innovated the rest of the world so significantly.

So, why would large companies that seem to benefit from a good patent system want to radically change it for the worse?  Bill Gates said it best in an interview years ago with Ken Auletta:  “The thing I worry about is some guy in his garage inventing something I haven’t thought of.” Once a company becomes large and has vested interests, it innovates less and tries to protect the income streams it is already receiving.  The vested interest cannot help but try to impede innovation that will become competition.

The America Invents Act was written by the top attorneys of two of the key, large, multinational companies that are behind this bill.  They weren’t thinking about you and me when they wrote it.  In fact, fee diversion wasn’t even mentioned in the first version that was brought to the Senate (!) – it was added in an amendment.  How could anyone who cares about our patent system not even address fee diversion?  The answer is that they have different motives.

Up until now, our patent system has protected and supported the individual inventor, as our Founding Fathers intended.  The America In vents Act changes that.  If you are not aware of the issues, see the attached document.  The bottom line is that a big part of what our Founders provided for us, and that is part and parcel to the success of this great nation, is about to be ripped away.  The America Invents Act could face a final vote next week.  If you care about this country, about freedom, and about the value of the individual, please call your senators and tell them you are against this bill.  For talking points, use last night’s email or go to   Please call tomorrow, Friday.  For your senators contact information, go to  Every man, woman, and child who has ever hoped to pursue the ”American Dream” is depending on you.  Please help in this critically important matter.


Best Regards,

Randy Landreneau, President

Complete Product Development



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