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Exodus from the United States

Exodus from the United States

I continue to hear more and more people who have become or are thinking about becoming expats from the United States.  I have written about this issue before, see Phil the Expat.  Yesterday I spoke with a man who is moving to Argentina.  He is a web designer and marketing expert and clearly thinks his prospects in Argentina are as good or better than the United States.  I have doctor friend who has moved to New Zealand with his wife who is also a doctor and I hear reports of my friend’s kids leaving the U.S. for better economic opportunities.  I predict it will become commonplace to talk about a brain drain by the end of this decade, if we do not radically alter our course as a country.  I will continue to point out stories like these as a run across them as a Siren warning of the tragic course we are steering as a country.

Our country was the first country in the history of the world built on the idea of individual rights (there is no such thing a positive rights).  Our commitment to individual rights is what made us great as a nation, because it is the only system of government consistent with the nature of a rational animal.  Today, our Constitution is meaningless.  The Bill of Rights has been shredded by the regulatory state that proclaims that the Bill of Rights does not apply to civil regulations.  (see Regulatory Bill of Rights)  If we want to be great again, we have to limit the government to protecting our individual rights.



  1. Maybe it’s time to rate the patent systems of various countries like the way countries are ranked for education. It would be interesting to see what economic measures it corrolates with.

  2. Good point. There are some vague attempts to do this.

  3. After 30 plus years in the US I am moving back to Amsterdam, Holland. Many Dutch people I know are thinking about doing the same. We all think this country has to many tendencies toward fascism. There are so many other countries in the world where living standards and social qualities are so much better then the US. A good video to watch is Morris Berman (Why America failed) He earned his BA in mathematics at Cornell University in 1966 and his Ph.D. in the history of science at The Johns Hopkins University in 1972. He is an academic humanist cultural critic who specializes in Western cultural and intellectual history. This guy is not a dummy and actually advocates to leave the US……. ASAP!

  4. Hans,

    You did not provide a link to the video.

    If you take the definition of fascism, you certainly have a point.

  5. Oops, sorry. Here is the link to Morris Berman YouTube video:

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