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Elizabeth Warren’s Hate Speech

Elizabeth Warren’s Hate Speech

President Obama has picked up on Elizabeth Warren’s argument that “Nobody got rich in the U.S. on his own.”  Warren argues that other people paid for the roads that the rich person’s factory uses, they paid for the schools their workers were educated in, and so on.  This argument is a straw man argument.  Nobody has ever argued that people get rich in a vacuum.  All rich people have to interact with other people in the process of building their business – all meaningful economic activity involves interaction with other people.

What Warren is really attacking is the idea of the “self-made man” and individualism.  But, the definition of self-man made is a person who created their wealth through invention, production and/or trade.  The phrase “self-made man” distinguishes productive individuals from the wealthy aristocrats, those who inherited their wealth, or dictators who made their wealth by force.  Note that the proper definition of a self-made man shows that Warren is being intellectually and morally dishonest in her statements that “no one got rich on their own.”  It is clearly impossible to get wealthy without social interaction with other people and without using existing resources.  Of course, that was her point – distort the definition of a self-made man and then show it is impossible.  When the correct definition of a “self-made man” is used, then it is clear that Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Michael Dell, Mary Kay, and millions of other American businessmen  and women are “self-made men.”


A similar argument is made in the realm of inventions and patents by socialists.  Opponents of patents suggest that no one creates anything new, because they ignore that every invention is a creation of known elements since you cannot create something from nothing – it’s called conservation of matter and energy.  They ignore that only an individual can think and all inventions start by an individual thinking about solving a problem.  Even an invention with multiple inventors is created by the individual thoughts of each inventor.


It is interesting that socialists like Warren and Obama would attack something that is uniquely American.  Do they want to glorify the Aristocracy of the Old World and denigrate honest work?  Their contempt of America’s unique history, individualism, and success demonstrates that they are not advocating policies that will produce success for the United States.  In fact, they are advocating policies that will produce the decline of the United States and untold human suffering.  Liberals are fond of talking about hate speech, well Ms. Warren is clearly using hate speech, hate of America, hate of achievement, and hate of human happiness.  f


Elizabeth Warren’s “Nobody got rich in the U.S. on his own” is intellectually and morally dishonest.



  1. I like how you point out that only an individual can think and inventions are about people who do the work of thinking. It’s ironic how the same people that attack patents do not attack copyrights and trademarks. They never apply their argument of known elements to writers, singers, and painters. But when it comes to inventors all of a sudden they think there is no effort or investment involved. They never apply their arguments to the movie or television industries.

    I also like how you point out the effort of the individual. If it was all social and society that deserved all the credit we wouldn’t have all the political complaints that we have. If being social was the answer then the more people we have in congress the better it will be. So you see, even our system of government disagrees with Warren. We know decisions have to be made and we eventually have to come down on one side of the fence or the other. First everyone gets a vote and we call that an election. We use elections to narrow down the number of people who get to make the decison. Even industries narrow down the way things are done by creating standards that all follow. Even a farmer narrow downs his crop selection. Workers narrow down their education to become experts in a particular field.

    Are we really going to tell our auto mechanics that they would be nothing without us and pay them less? For decades we were taught the reason we won the cold war was people could get paid what they are worth. Now Warren wants us to follow the example set by the losers of the cold war.

    I’m sure Warren makes good money and would tell us how hard she has worked to get her education and she deserves the pay that her education allows. Well the inventor educated him or her self on some particular knowledge just as she did. So why is her education worth money and the inventor’s is not? Where’s her society argument on that point? Is she willing to make the same sacrifice she wants inventors to make? Let her be the first one to give up her pay that is based on knowledge.

  2. Matthew,

    Good points. I have argued that one the main reasons the US won the cold war was because the USSR could not keep up with our electronics/computer/software industry, in other words people like you. And it was not because of the government spending in this area it was the free economy and inventors trying to make money outside the government sector that drove this.

    The Declaration of Independence state that we had to the right to our life and the pursuit of OUR happiness. Warren’s argument inherent violates our right to our life and our right to the pursuit of OUR happiness. But Warren’s argument is consistent with the slave states of USSR, North Korea, etc.

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