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Eliminate the EPA: Stop Environment Thugs

Eliminate the EPA: Stop Environment Thugs

The Environmental Protection Agency has been a disaster from the beginning.  It is anti-technology, anti-science and anti-reason, from its attack on DDT, to its attack on Nuclear Power, to its attack on carbon dioxide.   It pushed the disastrous ban on DDT that has resulted in the death of more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Moa combined.  It’s public relations department takes credit for reduced air pollution and improved water, but its actual record on these issues is mixed bag at best.  This would be bad enough, but now the EPA has been given the right to fine, imprison, and prosecute people without having to bother with pesky issues, such as due process, obtaining a warrant, or having a factual basis for their case.

Rand Paul’s book, Government Bullies, documents the brown shirt behavior of the EPA.  He documents the case of Mr. Pozsgai, who was thrown in jail for three years and fined $200,000 for cleaning up a dump with old tires and other trash.  The EPA argued it was a wetland despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  In another case the Sacketts were accosted by an EPA brown shirt for trying to build on a subdivision lot that had houses on the lots next to it.  The EPA brown shirt presented no credentials, nothing in writing, but demanded they stop work or face a $75,000 per day fine for placing fill dirt (no dirty chemicals, just dirt) on a wetland.  The EPA refused a hearing and denied that the Sacketts had any right to a hearing.  The EPA also argued they were not subject to due process, or the fourth Amendment, or the fifth Amendment – these would inhibit their ability to carry out their policy objectives.  The Sacketts demanded a review under the Administrative Procedure Act (this is the law that is suppose to make Administrative Agencies Constitutional) but the EPA essential said that would interfere with their mission and the fourth and Sixth circuits agreed.  These judges should be impeached and put in jail for HIGH CRIMES and MISDIMENORS.  The EPA administrators and the US Attorney Generals involved should be thrown in jail and the key thrown away for this abuse of power.  The Supreme Court sided with the Sacketts, but it was a narrow decision that also failed to uphold the Constitution.  In another EPA BROWN SHIRT case, the EPA could not prove that Wrigley, Lucas and Thompson actually violated any nonsense wetland legislation, so they prosecuted them for conspiracy to violate a wetlands and mail fraud.  This is nonsense.  You cannot be convicted for conspiracy to commit something you never did.  If you did not commit a crime, there can be no mail fraud.  This makes thought into a crime.

These are just three of many outrageous actions by the EPA.  The EPA is a disaster.  It is a thug, it has shortened human life, it is responsible for every death by West Nile in the US, it is responsible for at 300,000 deaths because of their policy of killing off Nuclear Power plants.  It is time we quit pretending the EPA and the Environmental movement are just misguided.  The former head, Al Armendariz, of the EPA summarized their Brown Shirt tactics, “it is kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. . . .  They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they’d crucify them.”  See the video.

As I document in my post How the Environmental Movement is Killing Innovation and Destroying Our Environment, the environmental movement is responsible for more deaths that Hitler, Stalin and Moa combined.  The Environmental movement is anti-human and evil and the EPA is the BROWN SHIRTs of the Environmental movement.  TIME TO ELIMINATE THE EPA and throw the administrators in jail.

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