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Dale B. Halling is a registered patent attorney with 18 years of patent law experience, 8 years as an electrical engineer, and has served as a patent expert witness.  Mr. Halling has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a M.S. in Physic and J.D. cum laude from St. Louis University.

Mr. Halling is the author of the well known blog on patents, State of Innovation.

He is also author of the book The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws and Regulations are Killing Innovation.

Created a clearance opinion for a Fortune 500 company in the communication market that was instrumental in getting a patent case dismissed.


Written and prosecuted over 180 patents.


Defined and implemented a negotiation strategy for a threatened patent infringement lawsuit against a major manufacturer of sporting apparel.  This resulted in a win-win agreement.


Investigated and negotiated an interference contention between two Fortune 500 defense companies.  Created a portfolio strategy to dominate the technology.


As an engineer, created a scattering model for telescopes.  Created a jamming analysis of RF and laser satellite communication systems that was praised by the General in charge of the Strategic Defense Initiative.


Work Experience

Law: Mr. Halling is a patent attorney specializing in high technology companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Mr. Halling’s practice is located in the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator.  In the mid 1990’s Mr. Halling worked in-house for Motorola, preparing and prosecuting patent applications throughout the world in the fields of cellular communications, communication systems, cable telephony, error correction coding, manufacturing systems and printed circuit board technology.  Since leaving Motorola, he has prepared and prosecuted patents for Ameritech, SBC, Motorola, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, MCI, Cypress and several local high technology start-ups.  These patent applications have covered: semiconductor circuits; internet applications; software, telecommunication systems: including ATM, Frame Relay, SS7 applications; fiber optic systems; computer memory systems; cable telephony systems; voice recognition systems; encryption; XML; database applications and others.


Other Work: Mr. Halling spent several years as a systems engineer performing research and development in free space laser communication systems at McDonnell Douglas.  He has worked with numerous start-ups and is a founder and owner in a fishing products company that has products in Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain, and numerous regional retail outlets.  Mr. Halling is a member of the Board of Falcon Works a non-profit organization that helps cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy design and develop technology-based solutions for disabled individuals and our community.  Falcon Works focus its efforts on projects that require significant creativity, innovation, and design work and help improve the lives of many people in our community.



Book: The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws and Regulations are Killing Innovation, 2009


Blog: State of Innovation.  The State of Innovation is one of the better known blogs on Patent Law, Patent Policy, and Growth Economics.  The blog contains over 280 articles and 800 comments.  At least 90% of the articles were authored by Mr. Halling.  His articles have been reproduced in numerous websites around the world including IPWatchdog, Not PC – New Zealand, The Vincenton Post – Philippines, Capitalism Magazine, and Political Pistachio.


Articles Written by Dale B. Halling

“Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand on Patents/Inventions)”                                           7/30/11


“When This American Life Attacks Patents”                                                            7/26/11


“Did Midas Mulligan Run a Fractional Reserve Bank”                                            7/17/11


“Phil the Expatriot: How the US is Driving Technical Talent Away”                      7/08/11


“Mayo Clinic’s Invention Theft Strategy”                                                                6/25/11


“Mayo vs Prometheus- Supreme Court Grants Cert (Again)                                   6/25/11


“America Invents Act H.R.1249 passes House”                                                      6/24/11


“House Debate on Constitutionality of H.R.1249”                                                  6/22/11


“First to File: Is it Constitutional?”                                                                          6/19/11


“Patent Office Fees an Unconstitutional Tax”                                                         6/15/11


“The Myth of the Sole Inventor: a Socialist Diatribe by Prof. Mark Lemley”        6/15/11


“Good News On Patents From the Supreme Court”                                                6/10/11


“52 Courageous Congressmen Question Constitutionality of America Invents Act” 6/8/11


“America Invents Act will Not End Fee Diversion- Paul Ryan Thinks

Stealing From Inventors is A-OK”                                                                        6/8/11


“Patent Reform a Sham: Data Tresuary Story Exposes True Motives”                    6/6/11


“Why the America Invents (not) Act is Bad for the US Economy”                          6/3/11


“Wall Street is Un American”                                                                                   6/2/11


“COICA: Double Standard”                                                                                      6/1/11


“Keynesian Economics: Theft Creates Wealth”                                                       5/27/11


“Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: America Invents Act-Bad for America, Good for

Multi-National  Corporations”                                                                               5/26/11


“Introduction to Trademarks”                                                                                    5/24/11


“Nathhaft Interviews: Startups Create All Jobs”                                                       5/21/11


“Great Again: Corp Tax Rate Driving Jobs Overseas”                                             5/20/11


“Why the Publication Requirement for Patents Hurts Startups”                               5/11/11


“Galileo ‘Invention Theft Worse Than Murder’”                                                      5/10/11


“Edison Was a Patent Troll”                                                                                      5/8/11


“SOX: Shooting Ourselves in the Head”                                                                   5/7/11


“Patent Allowance Rate Up to 46%”                                                                         4/29/11


“Stealing From Inventors”                                                                                         4/26/11


“How the America Invents Act Changes Patent Law”                                              4/26/11


“David Boundy: Call to Action”                                                                                4/26/11


“The Make-UP of the CAFC:Update”                                                                       4/25/11


“Adam Mossoff Lecture: Ayn Rand on Intellectual Property”                                 4/24/11


“The Birth of Plenty: Predictions”                                                                             4/21/11


“Could Apple Get Funded Today”                                                                            4/18/11


“Atlas Shrugged-Movie Review”                                                                              4/15/11


“Are Transaction Costs for Patents Too High?”                                                        4/15/11


“Monopoly/Rent seeking vs. Property Rights/Intellectual Property”                        4/14/11


“The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry,

And Invention”                                                                                                      4/13/11


“More Evidence of US Bankruptcy/Inflation”                                                          4/11/11


Forbes Jumps on the Anti-Patent Anti-Intellectual Bandwagon”                           4/10/11

“America Invents Act Will Increase Patent Application Backlog

And Will Not Encourage Innovation or Job Creation”                                         4/2/11


“Bipartisan Opposition to America Invents Act in House”                                        4/1/11

“Manzullo on America Invents Act”                                                                     4/1/11


“Alice in Wonderland at the Patent Office”                                                           3/31/11


“US Goes Bankrupt in 2019”                                                                                3/30/11


“Dis-Intergration of the United States”                                                                 3/25/11


“IPO Dearth: How Sarbanes Oxley is Killing Innovation”                                   3/21/11


“Patently Ignorant: Business Insider Article on Google Doodle Patent”              3/20/11


“The Economist Weighs In On Patent Reform”                                                    3/17/11


“Quantitative Easing II is Working-Thanks Ben”                                                 3/16/11


“Inventor on First-To-File is Bad for Small Inventors”                                         3/15/11


“Intellectual Property’s Great Fallacy: Another Rambling Diatribe                      3/3/11

for Open Source Marxist Utopia”


“Senator Feinstein: First Inventor To File a Ruse”                                                3/2/11


“S.23 Patent Bill Unconstitutional”                                                                        3/2/11


“Patent Reform First Inventor to File Misleading”                                                 3/1/11


“Conservative Groups: Patent Reform Bill a Disaster for US”                               2/25/11


“Fundamentals of Economic Science: An Objectivist Approach”                          2/20/11


“Science or Religion: Environment al Doomsday Theories”                                  2/15/11


“Déjà vu All Over Again: Undoing the Reagan Revolution”                                  2/5/11


“Patent Deform Act of 2011: Approved by Senate Committee”                              2/8/11


“Reagan’s 100th Birthday”                                                                                        2/7/11


“Unemployment: The Big Lie”                                                                                2/8/11


“Patent Ombudsman Program: A First Review”                                                      2/4/11


“More Evidence on the Damage Caused by SOX”                                                   2/3/11


“Obama: Crony Capitalism Will Create Jobs”                                                          2/2/11

“Larry Kudlow: Chinese Economy Relies on Stealing

US Intellectual Property”                                                                                 2/1/11


“Obama: Make Regulation Efficient”                                                                      1/19/11


“George Will: US Suffering  From Innovation Dearth”                                           1/14/11


“Repeal of Financial Reform?”                                                                                 1/12/11


“CAFC Appointments”                                                                                             1/10/11


“USPTO Announce First Satellite Office”                                                              12/29/10


“Net Neutrality: Requiem For the Internet”                                                            12/28/10


“The Value of Charity”                                                                                            12/21/10


“Federal Budget deficit:Omnibus Spending Bill Killed”                                        12/17/10


“Long term Economic Predictions”                                                                         12/16/10


“Making Patents Incontestable”                                                                              12/10/10


“Regulatory Bill of Rights”                                                                                     12/2/10


“Walker digital vs. Facebook”                                                                                11/30/10


“Ayn Rand and Economics”                                                                                   11/28/10


“Nobel Prize Not Enough For Patent Critics”                                                        11/12/10


“Failing of free Market Theory”                                                                             11/8/10


“Sustainability isn’t  Sustainable”                                                                           11/2/10


“Regional Patent Offices”                                                                                        11/2/10


“Inventing Wealth”                                                                                                  10/24/10


“USPTO Allowance Rate Increase to 45.6%”                                                         10/24/10


“Nancy Pelosi: Theft Creates Jobs-A Modest Proposal”                                        10/18/10


“QE2 Equals Hyper Inflation”                                                                                10/17/10


“Toward a Hard Science Approach to Economics 2”                                             10/8/10

“ Toward a Hard Science Approach to Economics 1”                                       10/7/10


“Food Stamps Multiplier Effect: Economic Voodoo”                                        10/5/10


“More Evidence that Stealing Inventions is a Business Strategy”                      10/5/10


“More on The Myth That Patents are Monopolies”                                              9/29/10


“Frank Holmes CEO of US Global Investors-SOX

Killing Financial Markets”                                                                             9/29/10


“Patents Critical Indicator of Success”                                                                 9/29/10


“SOX Causes Delay in Facebook IPO”                                                                9/27/10


“Were Recessions of 2000 and 2008 Both Caused by Easy Money?”                 9/25/10


“$30B for small Business Lending”                                                                      9/23/10


“Patent reform-The Big Lie”                                                                                 9/16/10


“Could Congress Abolish Patents and Copyrights?”                                            9/10/10


“The High Cost of Marketing and Selling an Invention”                                     9/6/10


“The US Economy and the State of Innovation”                                                 9/2/10


“Rent Seeking and Patents”                                                                                  8/26/10


“Open Question to David Kappos and trademark Community”                          8/24/10


“Makeup of CAFC”                                                                                              8/17/10


“Invention- A Financial Analysis”                                                                       8/15/10


“What is the Economic Impact of Start-ups?”                                                    8/13/10


“Restore Patent Funding to Create Jobs”                                                             8/10/10


“Another Study Shows the Value of Patents”                                                      8/6/10


“Are Patents Relevant?”                                                                                       8/5/10


“The Rational Optimist: Excellent Book, Disfigured

by Open Source Utopianism”                                                                7/29/10


“American Inventors for Patent Reform”                                                        7/20/10


“Job Growth Due to Startups”                                                                         7/14/10


“Investing in Startups Less Risky than Stock Market?”                                  7/10/10


“Innovation vs. Invention”                                                                               7/13/10


“Avik Roy’s Excellent Analysis of Drug Patent Settlements”                         7/8/10


“Equitable Estoppel: Another Excuse for Stealing Inventions”                       7/3/10


“Bilski: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”                                                       6/29/10


“Q. Todd Dickinson: Patent Reform”                                                               6/23/10


“Copyrights: another Example that Government is Not doing

Its Job”                                                                                                    6/20/10


“Non-Obviousness: a Case Study in Judicial Activism”                                   6/18/10


“Confusing the Property Right with the Implementation

Of the Property Right”                                                                             6/15/10


“Corporations Have the Rights of a Person?”                                                    6/8/10


“Patent Ignorance”                                                                                              6/7/10


“Patent Bill We Can Support”                                                                            5/25/10


“More Evidence Sarbox is Hurting Our Economy”                                            5/20/10


“Judge Michel-Economy Recovery Requires  Strong

Patent System”                                                                                                5/18/10


“Still Subsidizing Banks and Wall Street”                                                          5/15/10


“US Reps. Maanzullo(R-IL) and Michaud(D-ME)

Oppose Patent Reform”                                                                                 5/10/10


“Source of Economic Growth”                                                                            5/8/10


“Patents and Jobs”                                                                                                5/8/10


“Director Kappos Pushes “First to File”                                                              5/4/10


“State Intellectual Property Bank”                                                                     4/26/10


“Death of Angel Capital”                                                                                   4/26/10


“Robert’s Rules of Innovation: Book Review”                                                  4/23/10


“Gene Patent Case: a Case Study in Judicial Activism”                                      4/16/10


“Blaming Greenspan and the Free Market”                                                         4/13/10


“First-to-File vs First-to-Invent”                                                                          4/10/10


“Is America a 3rd World country?”                                                                       4/6/10


“Aligning Unions with the Knowledge Economy”                                               4/1/10


“Does Health Care Bill Signal End of American Empire”                                    3/29/10


“Pat Choate: Technology Theft as a Business Strategy”                                      3/29/10


“Health Care: the End of Freedom”                                                                      3/23/10


“White House Proposes Innovation Prizes”                                                          3/20/10


“The Ballad of the Patent Troll”                                                                            3/15/10


“Accounting Inhibits R&D”                                                                                   3/14/10


“Study Shows Strong IP Key to VC Backed Company Success”                          3/10/10


“Worldwide Patent Backlog”                                                                                  3/9/10


“Hot Property”                                                                                                        3/10/10


“Mr. Watson, Come Here, I Need You”                                                                 3/7/10


“Another Confused Libertarian on Intellectual Property”                                      3/1/10


“Ayn Rand on Intellectual Property”                                                                      2/29/10


“Patent Reform and Independent Inventors”                                                          2/20/10


“Patents and Innovation”                                                                                         2/24/10


“the Next Big Thing”                                                                                               2/19/10


“President’s Day and Patents”                                                                             2/15/10


“National Inventor’s Day”                                                                                   2/11/10


“Public vs Private action: Jobs Bill”                                                                    2/10/10


“International Patent Filings Drop”                                                                      2/8/10


“Patent and Antitrust Law”                                                                                   2/3/10


“Keynesian Economics”                                                                                       2/2/10


“Is It Time to Start Celebrating?”                                                                         1/29/11


“London Bankers Want to Thank Us For SOX”                                                   1/28/10


“Why Investors Need to Pay Attention to Bilski Decision”                                  1/26/10


“Grant Thorton on the IPO Crisis”                                                                        1/23/10


“US Falls to 8th in Economic Freedom”                                                                 1/20/10


“KSR: Supreme Ignorance by Supreme Court”                                                     1/19/10


“Sarbanes Oxley Update”                                                                                       1/18/10


“Book Review by Pat Choate: Understanding How to Get

The US Economy Moving Again”                                                                      1/17/10


“Colorado Innovation: Terratec”                                                                             1/15/10


Intellectual Property Socialism: Part I Patent Law Theory and Development to 1960


Intellectual Property Socialism: Part II U.S. Patent Law from 1960-2000. 15-May-09
Intellectual Property Socialism: Part III Patent Legislation & Supreme Court Ruling since 2000





Patents and Patent Publications



PAT. NO. Title
1 7,982,862 Line of sight wind speed detection system
2 7,958,827 Non-pyrotechnic explosion simulation device
3 7,946,068 Trigger system for a paintball marker
4 7,783,812 Extended serial bus architecture and method
5 7,773,784 Revocable biometrics with robust distance metrics
6 7,755,007 Heated pet mat
7 7,718,962 Defect imaging device and method
8 7,691,281 Method of producing a reflective design
9 7,686,537 Road grader/spreader
10 7,664,138 Multiple channel system for a twisted pair telephone wire local loop system
11 7,623,685 Biometric signatures and identification through the use of projective invariants
12 7,602,305 Feedback circuit for a display sign and method
13 7,589,640 Utility pole and tower safety and protection device
14 7,556,403 Hooded face plate for a message and display sign
15 7,525,990 Wide area communication networking
16 7,520,224 Advanced armor-piercing projectile construction and method
17 7,380,742 Level wind winch cable tensioner
18 7,380,668 Reticle carrier
19 7,379,487 Two phase reactor
20 7,362,079 Voltage regulator circuit
21 7,355,542 Polarization switching digital to analog converter and method
22 7,286,574 Infrared laser
23 7,280,574 Circuit for driving a laser diode and method
24 7,279,981 Compensation method for low voltage, low power unity gain amplifier
25 7,250,184 Composition and method for tenderizing meat
26 7,245,477 Decoupling capacitor and method
27 7,217,935 System for chemical and biological decontamination
28 D539,069 Towel with zipper
29 7,173,493 Range controller circuit and method
30 7,173,477 Variable capacitance charge pump system and method
31 7,173,475 Signal transmission amplifier circuit
32 7,173,469 Clocking system and method for a memory
33 7,165,073 Dynamic, hierarchical data exchange system
34 7,158,429 System for read path acceleration
35 7,089,382 Method of operating a hierarchical data document system having a duplicate tree structure
36 7,080,966 Cargo restraint anchor device for pick-up trucks
37 7,072,687 System for transferring an address list and method
38 7,048,491 Crane hoist apparatus
39 7,046,671 Ethernet wide area network and method
40 7,036,070 Error monitoring system and method
41 7,027,566 Home gateway system with telephony functions and method
42 7,016,482 Method and system of providing caller identification with name
43 6,957,418 System and method of designing, testing, and employing graphical computer code
44 6,950,499 Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
45 6,948,030 FIFO memory system and method
46 6,947,932 Method of performing a search of a numerical document object model
47 6,934,730 Method and system for generating a transform
48 6,933,786 Amplifier circuit and method
49 6,931,375 Speaker verification method
50 6,891,930 Method and system of providing cataloging and detecting network faults
51 6,866,007 Heated bird perch
52 6,847,717 Method of accessing a dial-up service
53 6,801,064 Buffer circuit using low voltage transistors and level shifters
54 6,797,242 System for chemical and biological decontamination
55 6,792,428 Method of storing and flattening a structured data document
56 6,784,717 Input buffer system using low voltage transistors
57 6,784,700 Input buffer circuit
58 6,775,562 Remote battery replacement notification system and method
59 6,768,618 Input gate protection circuit and method
60 6,748,051 911 status system and method
61 6,741,693 Method of operating a virtual private network
62 6,736,474 Charge pump circuit
63 6,732,278 Apparatus and method for authenticating access to a network resource
64 6,731,423 Optical amplifier and method
65 6,695,420 System and method for attaching a drawer face
66 6,687,261 Multiple channel system for a twisted pair telephone wire local loop system
67 6,658,038 System for producing singlet delta oxygen laser
68 6,657,487 Photodetector preamplifier circuit having a rotating input stage
69 6,650,743 Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
70 6,650,733 Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
71 6,643,509 Civil aviation communication system
72 6,640,210 Customer service operation using wav files
73 6,635,557 Halogen doped solid state materials
74 6,633,189 Circuit to provide a time delay
75 6,628,774 Method of routing interlata network traffic
76 6,610,351 Raman-active taggants and their recognition
77 6,606,378 Method and network for providing access to an information network
78 6,597,863 Device for keeping a portion of a body of water free from ice
79 6,596,059 Automated filter changing device and method
80 6,570,903 Electric-optical singlet sigma and singlet delta oxygen generator
81 6,568,098 Alignment wafer
82 6,565,001 Receiver circuit and method for a contactless identification system
83 6,563,431 Automatic garage door system and method
84 6,561,532 Bicycle side car
85 6,556,078 Integrated low-corner frequency high pass filter circuit
86 6,532,403 Robot alignment system and method
87 6,526,668 Electronic level
88 6,501,831 Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
89 6,499,780 Soft sided gun case with retractable legs
90 6,493,813 Method for forming a hashing code
91 6,472,942 Parasitically compensated resistor for integrated circuits
92 6,449,351 Method and system of providing caller identification with name
93 6,445,781 Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
94 6,415,019 Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
95 6,400,818 Method of routing interLATA network traffic
96 6,396,351 Preamplifier circuit for a photodetector
97 6,356,920 Dynamic, hierarchical data exchange system
98 6,346,826 Programmable gate array device
99 6,342,847 Virtual fence system and method
100 6,335,936 Wide area communication networking
101 6,307,211 Semiconductor alignment tool
102 6,300,644 Tool for aligning a robot arm to a cassette for holding semiconductor wafers
103 6,285,671 Method and system for providing facsimile service over a digital subscriber line
104 6,249,760 Apparatus for gain adjustment during speech reference enrollment
105 6,230,133 Home office communication system and method
106 6,230,106 Method of characterizing a device under test
107 6,215,863 Method and apparatus for providing a station set with advanced telecommunications services
108 6,196,440 Method and tool for imprinting a pattern in a solder
109 6,167,400 Method of performing a sliding window search
110 6,157,617 Method and system of network packet accounting
111 6,141,409 Method of operating a virtual private network
112 6,135,342 Method and tool for imprinting a pattern in a solder
113 6,101,246 Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
114 6,076,055 Speaker verification method
115 6,068,215 Expandable aircraft cargo bay and method
116 6,067,044 Remote tracking and sensing system and method
117 6,052,595 Method of and apparatus for selecting a communication channel
118 6,049,917 Air injection sports goggle and method
119 6,047,411 Power pack
120 6,038,707 Sports goggle having a ventilating fan
121 6,027,074 Reinforced elastomer panel
122 6,012,210 Light emitting diode jig
123 6,012,027 Criteria for usable repetitions of an utterance during speech reference enrollment
124 5,995,605 Method and network for providing access to an information network
125 5,988,567 Conformable weapons platform
126 5,987,111 Method of aggregating a plurality of network traffic
127 5,979,828 Apparatus for eliminating gaps in an aircraft
128 5,975,463 Expandable aircraft bay and method
129 5,970,932 Rocker arm assembly
130 5,958,803 Environmental coating for an elastomer panel
131 5,953,752 Hand, wrist and forearm protector
132 5,947,422 Tail for an aircraft
133 5,947,417 Fairing for an expandable bay
134 5,942,002 Method and apparatus for generating a transform
135 5,941,480 Hinge line skin system for an aircraft
136 5,939,213 Titanium matrix composite laminate
137 5,931,422 Active reinforced elastomer system
138 5,927,651 Expandable fuel cell
139 5,918,834 Retractable sensor system for an aircraft
140 5,917,899 Method of connecting a plurality of virtual networks
141 5,913,494 Blade seal for an aircraft
142 5,896,191 Reinforced elastomer panel with embedded strain and pressure sensors
143 5,894,366 Anti-reflective coating
144 5,892,908 Method of extracting network information
145 5,878,808 Rotating heat exchanger
146 5,864,642 Electro-optic device board
147 5,852,243 Method and apparatus for detecting a road pavement surface condition
148 5,838,846 Fiber optic switch and attenuator
149 5,838,527 Electrical surge protection apparatus
150 5,817,945 System and method of determining strain
151 5,810,291 Continuous moldline technology system
152 5,791,561 Spray gun assembly with an air-operated paint agitation including a metal bellows
153 5,779,399 Rotary cutting apparatus
154 5,778,332 Electronic nervous system for a roadway and method
155 5,778,087 Method for stereo loudspeaker placement
156 5,742,611 Client server network and method of operation
157 5,731,995 Method for determining pressure
158 5,706,303 Laser diode coupling and bias circuit and method
159 5,696,579 Method, apparatus and system for determining the differential rate of change of strain
160 5,682,237 Fiber strain sensor and system including one intrinsic and one extrinsic fabry-perot interferometer
161 5,615,226 Method and receiver for demodulating a received signal
162 5,594,951 Method and apparatus for saving power in a radiotelephone
163 5,589,641 Strain and fabry-perot etalon measurement system and method
164 5,553,376 Method of and apparatus for changing a production setup
165 5,542,116 Power saving system for a mobile radio
166 5,528,666 Personal phone expansion system
167 5,519,346 Selective restart circuit for an electronic device
168 D369,797 Hang up cup
169 5,513,078 Shielded switch
170 5,510,693 Method for battery charging
171 5,504,812 Headset for use with a radiotelephone
172 5,497,382 Extended error correction of a transmitted data message
173 5,442,680 Dual system cellular cordless radiotelephone apparatus with sub-data channel timing monitor
174 5,438,684 Radio frequency signal power amplifier combining network
175 D359,735 Telephone handset housing
176 5,428,836 Radio receiver for forming a baseband signal of time-varying frequencies
177 5,426,643 Apparatus and method for transmitting bit synchronous data over an unreliable channel
178 5,418,354 Self service cart system
179 D358,148 Telephone handset
180 5,414,711 Error detector circuit and method therefor
181 D357,681 Telephone handset housing
182 5,410,741 Automatic gain control of transponded supervisory audio tone
183 5,392,023 Data communication system with automatic power control
184 D354,062 Mobile radiotelephone handset
185 D352,946 Microphone housing





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