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China Files More Patents that USA

China Files More Patents that USA

According to the website China Briefing, China now files more patent applications per year than the US.  This is just one more sign of how far the US had fallen technologically.  Just twelve short years ago the US was the economic and technological leader of the world, today it is quickly slipping into the abyss of has been countries.  Detractors will point out that patent applications do not necessarily correlate to meaningful technological advances.  This may be true in the short run, but this is not the only indicator that the US has lost its way.  There are a plethora of warning signs the Sun is setting on what was the greatest nation in the history of the world, including a steeply declining economic freedom rating, and the fact that China is likely to have a larger economy than the US sometime in 2020s.  Our President is too busy pandering to dictators around the world and acting like Santa Clause with other people’s money to notice.  We have traded greatness for the USSA.

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