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Here a couple of amazon reviews of my Book Source of Economic Growth, which examines the two most important questions in economics: 1) What is the source of real per capita economic growth, and 2) What caused the industrial revolution? The industrial revolution is important, because it is the econgrowth.smallfirst time any large group of people escape subsistence living (Malthusian Trap) and their incomes start to grow. By examining these questions, the book devises a science of economics that is consistent with natural rights, the founding of the United States, and is tied to the biological reality of life.


The Importance of Invention

Dale Halling has authored a well-written and clearly-argued treatise on the importance of “invention” in economic growth. He begins with an accurate summary of ideas from Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Ludwig von Mises, Joseph Schumpeter, and John Locke who are viewed as having had good ideas that were not exactly correct, and an accurate summary of ideas of Karl Marx, Thomas Malthus, and John Maynard Keyes as having had bad ideas that were completely incorrect. Then he continues with arguments that recognition and proper valuation and protection of intellectual property has been essential to economic development in various countries. The final chapter is a fictional interview with a patent lawyer from the Midwest (which he is himself) talking about the prosperous future that would occur if government behaves wisely. In that future, laws are based on reason and Wall Street and Washington power are a thing of the past. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in the subject matter.

John Christmas, author of “Democracy Society”



A Great Place to Start.

The first book on economics that is based on sound reasoning. Economist want be viewed as scientists, but until they incorporate the sound principles of human reason like those found in this book it will forever be a “dismal science” This is a great start in the right direction. It is exciting to think of the human potential once we grasp the proper formulas and processes.

by Tony Stonecypher

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I’m Back!

State of Innovation has been inactive for several months because my web host abandoned me and I have had quite an adventure trying to get it up again.  While I have been gone the anti-patent crowd has been busily trying to push another pro-infringer piece of legislation.  However, due to the mostpowerfulideahard work of a lot of people including Randy Landreneau and the Independent Inventors of America and many other groups it looks like the so called The Innovation Act (H.R.9) appears to be dead for now.

In the meantime I gave a talk at The Atlas Society explaining that inventions are the key to economic growth and property rights to inventions (patents) are the reason the Industrial Revolution occurred.  I gave a similar talk at FreedomFest.

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For Immediate Release – Colorado Springs, CO. USA– June 1, 2012

Woodland Workwear USA is pleased to announce that on May 1, 2012,  it was awarded a utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its KNEEDZ® Gel Kneepad Technology.

“This has been a long process but definitely well worth the wait.  We are very pleased with the outcome and now we can continue to focus on promoting our KNEEDZ® Gel Kneepad work pants knowing that we have patent protection for our intellectual property.  Our founding partners invented a great product that continues to solve a serious safety problem in the workplace,” states Dale Pelletier, President & CEO of Woodland Workwear.  “In the spirit of innovation and creativity, we celebrate our patent knowing that it will change the lives of workers for many years to come.  We will continue on our quest to solve safety problems in the workplace through innovation and technology.”

The patent was issued under number 8,166,570 and protects Woodland’s invention of gel kneepads that are permanently built-in to work pants for a term of more than 20 years.


About Woodland Workwear

Founded in 2007, Woodland Workwear ( is a premier manufacturer of safety work apparel featuring KNEEDZ® Gel Kneepads built-in.  Woodland Workwear focuses on developing solutions that improve the lives of workers.  Woodland’s product line includes a wide variety of work clothing styles that include flame resistant (FR) and gear made for women workers.  Woodland’s corporate headquarters and distribution center is based in Colorado Springs, CO. USA.



Press Contact:

Dale T. Pelletier/President & CEO
Woodland Workwear, LLC.
2725 Ore Mill Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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