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Another Reason to Be Suspicious of the America Invents Act

Gametimeip makes an interesting point about the America Invents Act:

The sheer size of the bill (150 pages) is massive compared to other legislation, such as the original patent act (9 pages), the Civil Rights act of 1963 (28 pages), and the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (9 pages).

Paraphrasing Mark Twain: Congress did not have time to write a short, good piece of legislation, so they wrote long, bad piece of special interest legislation.  This is beginning to be quite a trend in Congress.  Write massive pieces of legislation that even the legislators do not read before voting on them.  No wonder our economy is in a depression.



  1. Further to your point, see:
    Presentation: The Pending Patent Bill: Toward a More Expensive, Lawyerly and Complex Patent System, by Professor John Duffy, U. Va. School of Law


  2. Not sure if you saw this well written critique:

    “Few things upset me more than being lied to, so I am quite distressed that the proponents of the America Invents Act are getting away with characterizing this bill as promoting job growth.”

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