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America Invents (NOT) Act Moving Forward in Senate

According to the excellent blog Gametime IP “The cloture vote will occur on Tuesday, September 6th after 5:30pm. Cloture will cut off debate and bring Patent Reform to a final vote.”  This is bad news for independent inventor, bad new for American innovation, and bad news for the U.S. economy.



  1. In fairness, the vote should take place on 9/11/2011, the ten year anniversary of an earlier attempt to take America down.

    Except this attempt, by them that hates Yankee Ingenuity, will succeed –with the help of all our allegedly-patriotic Senators. A “streamlined” stab to the back and take down of the American Inventor. (Etu Brutus?)

  2. So true. Perhaps that will be when Obama signs it.

  3. Patent reform without an end to fee diversion is useless. Period. No, wait, it’s worse than useless — House provisions such as the prior user rights nonsense and post-grant measures could certainly tip a patent reform bill toward the balance of “doing more harm than good” … IF such bill does not include a complete stop to the practice of fee diversion. I mean, good Lord, didn’t President Obama even mention the importance of ending fee diversion during his latest major public address (thank you, Mr. President, for bringing up patents again!)? I mean, what exactly is it going to have to take to make our legislature behave in a mature and rational manner (a leading and loaded question, I know)??

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