State of Innovation

Patents and Innovation Economics


As a patent attorney I have worked with numerous software and internet startups. I asked a former client of mine, who had created and sold a biometrics company, about where to apply for a position as a Ruby on Rails Developer for my son. He told me his companies have always hired from Toptal and have always been happy. He said my son should apply to Toptal.

Since that conversation I decided to completely close my patent law practice and focus on programming with my son and being a digital nomad. My son and I have long, excited conversations about programming. I have not seen a community so excited about the future, since my entrepreneurial clients in the late 1990s. My wife occasionally is irritated about this and tells us that working time is over. I think Toptal can help us achieve our goals.

I thinking working with a top notch web developers Community will allow us to create exciting new projects and keep us on the cutting edge of this technology.  It will also make work exciting and interesting, not drudgery.

As far as writing skills, I have written two novels (Pendulum of Justice, Trails of Injustice), three non-fiction books (The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur, The Source of Economic Growth, Intellectual Capitalism), a blog (State of Innovations) and over 300 patent applications.

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