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Dale Halling



Developing Ruby on Rails applications that are easily maintainable and speedy to deploy.



  • BSEE Kansas State University
  • MS Physics University of Texas at Dallas
  • JD (cum laude) St. Louis University


Representative Ruby on Rails Projects:


  • Rails Job Hub: This site scrapes numerous job websites for rails, ruby, and web scrapping jobs. This site uses the Twitter API to tweet the jobs and uses Stripe API to charge advertisers and automatically take down advertisements as they age out.  This site is a major time saver for job seekers.  This site demonstrates the teams’ extensive skills in complex web scrapping.  Deployed to Hereku at railsjobhub/.  Bitbucket repository  Developed on Cloud 9.
  • Pirates Cove: This site is local forum news site. A unique feature of the site is that it handles both registered users, non- registered users, and administrators.  It also uses an “invisible captcha” to stop robots.  Nokogiri and Mechanize were used to create the news section with Heroku’s scheduler, including scrapping Google News.  The site also integrates with the Accuweather API and uses bootstrap, willpaginate.  Bitbucket repository
  • Ragnar’s Redoubt: The site is a forum. This site uses JQuery, coffeescript, and java script.  It also uses the, Bootstrap WISIG editor – count characters, kramdown, Action Mailer.  Deployed to Hereku at  Bitbucket repository  Developed on Cloud 9.
  • Quijote: This site is a fishing site for the East Cape area of Baja Sur for a customer. This site provides a database of the fish caught per day, per week, per charter, and per angler that is highly automated saving the customer hours of time compared to his earlier site.  The site uses the Accuweather API to provide the weather information fisherman need.  It also uses JQuery, nokogiri, and mechanize.  Presently, the customer is waiting on his front-end developer to make the site more esthetically pleasing.  Deployed to Heroku


Other Projects (some partnered with Ari Halling):


  • Cloud 9 SDK: Deployed the Cloud 9 SDK to their internal Linux servers.
  • Minecraft Server (Ari Halling): Took over ownership and made it profitable for the first time. Solved server corruption issue by altering Java and MySQL, which resulted in increased users.  Managed team to oversee server operation.  Developed custom tools for the server.
  • Ruby programming challenges:

Rails projects (with Ari Halling):


Work History – Not Related to Programming


Engineering work:

  • McDonnell Douglas/consulting – Engineer working on free space communications system
  • Tektronix – Technical sales

Legal work:

  • Motorola – Patent Counsel cellular systems
  • 1996-2017 Law Off. of Dale B. Halling: Worldwide patent & TM prosecution and consultation for Fortune 500 companies (McDonald Douglas, Boeing, Motorola, MCI, Ameritech, Southwestern Bell, Cypress), numerous start-ups, and mid-size companies.
  • Technologies: Software, communications, lasers, coding systems, electro-optics, medical devices, semiconductors, lasers, biometrics.
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis: I helped and lead multiple efforts for both large companies and startups.
  • Patent Portfolio: I lead a group to not only design around a fundamental patent but to box in the competitor.
  • Patent & TM Conflict Resolution: I have successfully (no litigation) resolved many issues both for the property owner and the defendant.

Communication Skills

Written Communication:

  • Non-fictions books: The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur and Source of Economic Growth both cover aspects of patents and economics.
  • Fiction books: I have written two techno-thriller novels with my wife – Pendulum of Justice and Trails of Injustice.
  • Blog: State of Innovation, this blog focuses on patents, economics, and related philosophical issues. My coverage of one Supreme Court case caused the inventor to contact me and we carried on a dialog.

Oral Communication:

  • “Why John Galt is an Inventor”: This is a video of my presentation that tracks my book The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur modified slightly to show the connection to Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I have given numerous talks and radio interviews related to this book.
  • “The Source of Economic Growth”: This is a video of my presentation that tracks part of my book Source of Economic Growth modified slightly to show the connection to Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

Dale Halling 

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