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A Defense of American Ideals: Book Review

A Defense of American Ideals: Book Review

This excellent book, by Thomas Malone, demonstrates that Liberty and the American Revolution are both based in reason.  Both the left (Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Environmentalists) and the right (neocons, compassionate conservatives, social conservatives) are anti-reason and both are fundamentally opposed to people’s right to the pursuit of their own happiness (Not to mention your Right to Life and Liberty).  The book is full of quotes from the Founding Fathers and shows the US as a Christian nation, in its founding, is revisionist history.  The book pulls no punches about the Socialists (Democrats) either, amply demonstrating that the philosophy of Obama and friends is one in the same that brought about Moa, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. that resulted in the deaths of over a 100 million people in the last century.  What’s amazing is that they claim the moral high ground despite their record of mass murder.  The book is not just a laundry list of problems, the author provides real solutions and hope for the future.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is: “Like a hydra-headed monster, socialism and collectivism come in various guises, which we can refer to under the broad category of Statism.  Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times we chop off a head, new ones keep growing.”

The chapter “Why Liberty Requires Reason” is outstanding.  The Left often wants to claim they are the torch bearers of reason and science, but in reality Socialism is part of the anti-enlightenment reactionary movement in philosophy, which is anti-reason and anti-science.  Social conservatives like to push the idea that Socialism is pro-reason and pro-science also, so they can then argue freedom is based on faith.  Liberty was and is founded on reason applied to the nature of man’s existence as demonstrated by the numerous quotes by the Founding Fathers, Locke, Rand, and others.

BUY Thomas Malone’s, A Defense of American Ideals, it is an infinitely better defense of liberty than the books by Mark Levin, Judge Napolitano, etc.

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