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Latest Amazon review of my book Source of Economic Growth.

Latest Amazon review of my book Source of Economic Growth.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, but I will warn you that Chapter 14, Intellectual Capitalism, is this book’s pot of gold. Everything leading up to that chapter is mental preparation for what then seems a rather obvious conclusion.
econgrowth.smallIntellectual Capitalism says that economists have had it wrong: [it is] Invention that produces a profit [that] provides the capital from which savings can be drawn, not the other way around. I’ll leave it at that, because the author has obviously invested years of research into this matter – as a physicist, an inventor, an engineer, and a devoted student of economics – to understand and explain human progress with subtleties overlooked by economists from Adam Smith to Ludwig von Mises. And, you’ll surely benefit from the author’s condensation of all that history, just as you’ll benefit from his application of the theory of Intellectual Capitalism to modern accounting principles – and his advocacy of patent protection for inventors and their mind[‘s] work.
Yes, that’s right. Besides his enviable understanding of economics, Dale B. Halling is also a patent attorney.


Mike Harvey

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