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I’m Back!

State of Innovation has been inactive for several months because my web host abandoned me and I have had quite an adventure trying to get it up again.  While I have been gone the anti-patent crowd has been busily trying to push another pro-infringer piece of legislation.  However, due to the mostpowerfulideahard work of a lot of people including Randy Landreneau and the Independent Inventors of America and many other groups it looks like the so called The Innovation Act (H.R.9) appears to be dead for now.

In the meantime I gave a talk at The Atlas Society explaining that inventions are the key to economic growth and property rights to inventions (patents) are the reason the Industrial Revolution occurred.  I gave a similar talk at FreedomFest.

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  1. Welcome back Dale.

    In you May 2015 post below, instead of having the picture anchor point to the JPEG of the image you should have it link to the Amazon page of your new second book, Cheers.

    Comment by step back | August 13, 2015 | Reply

    • Thanks. Transferring the pictures is one of the problems. If I click on the pictures, they show up in a separate window.

      Comment by dbhalling | August 16, 2015 | Reply

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