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Halling asked to Speak at Atlas Summit 2014

Dale B. Halling, author of Pendulum of Justice  (with his wife Kaila) and The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur, has been asked to speak at the Atlas Summit 2014.  The topic of his talk will be “Why did Rand Choose Inventor as Galt’s Profession?”


Why did John Galt say “I was an inventor.  I was one of a profession that came last in human history and will be first to vanish on the way back to the sub-human?”  Today, there is an all-out attack on inventors.  Effective property rights for inventors are relatively new, dating from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Currently, patent rights are under assault from all ends of the political spectrum and almost everywhere around the world.  Was Rand wrong when she said, “Patents … are the legal implementation of the base of all property rights.”


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  1. Dale,

    Congratulations on your ascension to the podium.

    Yes Virginia, inventors are under attack and they may be a dying breed.

    The question for those of us who care is twofold:
    1) Why do most people not care, and
    2) Why in this point in history are inventors being cast away?

    Comment by step back | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  2. Stepback,


    The answer to both of your questions is something you purposely ignore – philosophy. However, your point of view (cynic & not caring about ideas) is consistent with the Philosophy of Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Sartre)

    Comment by dbhalling | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  3. That’s not fair (or true).
    I do care about ideas and about preserving inventor rights.
    However I don’t believe those rights are “naturally” occurring ones.
    If they were, we wouldn’t have to fight for them They would just happen all by themselves, naturally.

    Ignorance is a “natural” state of affairs.
    People are born ignorant and stay that way unless the good fight is fought against the forces of natural entropy by “educating” the ignorant.

    Our schools and infrastructure are falling apart which is why we are decaying back into a state of ignorance and anti-science. How can the masses appreciate inventors if they don’t even know what an invention is and what labors are involved in creating an invention?

    Comment by step back | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  4. Sorry, life’s not fair.

    You misconstrue the word Natural. Natural means follows from nature. A human being has certain conditions necessary to live (thrive – actually there is no difference). Number one is that he be allowed to use and keep the products of his mind.

    An elephant needs certain water, temperature, vegetation, and other things to survive. Those are it’s natural conditions. Natural rights are those that are necessary for human’s not to be slaves to other humans and therefore necessary for their survival. Any man-made law that violates those laws are not-natural because they go against the nature of man. From there the logic follows as surely as Geometry. By the way Geometry has three assumptions, Newtonian physics has three fundamental observations – must be a christian trinity thing – ha ha ha.

    BTW: By you narrow definition dropping and a feather and lead ball from a building shows Newtonian’s law of mechanics are wrong.

    Comment by dbhalling | February 14, 2014 | Reply

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