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Innovation Act of 2013

Virginia republican Bob Goodlatte has introduced the Innovation Act of 2013 that is touted as dealing with the problem of Patent Mythical Creatures.  Goodlatte was a big supporter of the America Invents (not) Act, which was suppose to solve all the problems in patent law and was just passed in 2011.  The Innovation Act of 2013 has six main parts and is supported (written?) by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group dedicated to eliminating intellectual property rights.  The Bill would require special rules for Pleadings and Fee Shifting in patent cases.  If these are good ideas, then why should they only apply to patent cases?  This Bill is not law, it is protection racket for large corporations, the same corporations that shoved the America Invents Act down our throat two years ago.  They said the AIA would be the key to reviving America’s technology industry, but the AIA has failed to deliver on its promise.  Now they want us to believe that giving them carte blanche to infringe other people’s patents will result in a surge of new technologies.  If they were serious about stimulating the development of new technologies and our economy they would start by repealing SOX and Dodd Frank; repealing the AIA; reinstating the CAFC’s objective rule of non-obviousness; repealing publication of patent applications; and require that patent applications pendency time be reduced to less than 1 year.


This bill will do nothing to support inventors, it is just a big company protection act.



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