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TECHCRUNCH’s Attack on Ron Paul Reveals it’s Collectivist Ideology

TechCrunch ran a story entitled Ron Paul’s Anti-Net Neutrality ‘Internet Freedom’ Campaign Distorts Liberty.  The article attempts to use John Locke to support their position for Net Neutrality.  It argues that the Internet is a Common Resource and therefore we need government to regulate it use.  The article distorts Locke’s teachings to reach the absurd conclusion that government coercion is freedom.  The way Locke and the free market manage a Common Resource is by provided property rights to those who improve the common resource.  The cable, telephone line, wireless connection that you use to connect to the Internet is not a Common Resource.  All connections to the Internet are improvements of a Common Resource and therefore the property of those who made the improvements.  There is no justification for government to steal the property of Internet providers – even for TechCrunch’s ‘GREATER GOOD’ schemes.

TechCrunch’s Orwellian argument that government coercion equals liberty is sadly consistent with its collectivist ideology.  TechCrunch has never met a property right it likes.  Usually its collectivist ideology is focused on stealing inventor’s property rights in their inventions – patents.  If you search for “TechCruch Patent Trolls” you will find numerous articles including “The Terrible Cost of Patents.”  Patents are a classic Lockean property right.  The inventor created something that did not exist before they created it, so they are the owner.  In the case of inventors, they created not an individual object (reproduction) but a new class of objects – an invention.

TechCrunch distorts the teachings of John Locke to support their collectivist ideology.  This is a common technique because the only way for statist to get people to support their collectivist goals is to hide them, which is exactly what Ron Paul said in his statement.  “They are masters at hijacking the language of freedom and liberty to disingenuously push for more centralized control.”


TechCrunch Ron Paul’s Anti-Net Neutrality ‘Internet Freedom’ Campaign Distorts Liberty


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