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America Invents Act Will Not End Fee Diversion – Paul Ryan Thinks Stealing From Inventors is A-OK

According to the Wall Street Journal, “two powerful House Republicans, Rep. Hal Rogers (R., Ky.), chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), chairman of the Budget Committee, called this week for changes in the legislation that would restrict the patent office’s ability to keep its own fees.”  Ending fee diversion was the only positive part of the America Invents (Not) Act, HR 1249, S. 23).  Representatives Rogers and Ryan should be condemned for this action.  Congress is in the position of trustee of the Patent Office funds and if Congress were subject to Sarbanes Oxley Mr. Ryan & Mr. Rogers would be in jail today along with the rest of Congress.  This makes the America Invents Act a complete farce.  Ending fee diversion was always a little bit is not red herring as the next Congress could always just change this law.

When the government creates laws that do not apply to the government, just private citizens, this is the essences of tyranny.  Rep. Ryan who is suppose to be a fiscal conservative and watching out for taxpayer dollars, is advocating the theft of inventor fees.  If that is what the Tea Party and Paul Ryan consider being fiscally conservative, then it is clear that everyone in Washington believes that you have no right to the money you earn.

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  1. Until reading this week’s articles on the topic, I thought that ending fee diversion was pretty much universally accepted as being the only sensible option in preventing the USPTO (an important driver of the economy) from imploding. After having read this article, I still can’t see how anyone in his or her right mind would oppose the anti-fee-diversion provisions in the pending patent reform act.

    Comment by patent litigation | June 13, 2011 | Reply

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