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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Congress, has just decided to steal another $100 million from the Patent Office, which is really stealing from US inventors.  We don’t need financial reform or Sarbanes Oxley for the private sector we need if for Congress and the President.  All of them would be in jail if they pulled this stunt in the private sector.  The morality of the public sector has fallen to a new low.  One result appear that the USPTO will have to impose a hiring freeze.  This is just more evidence that Congress is not serious about its Constitutional duty of protecting the Rights of Inventors.

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  1. The Congress are coming!
    The Congress are coming!

    =Cry of the modern Paul Revere of IP rights.

    (See also: )

    Comment by step back | April 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. [...] Action.  This varies significantly from one art unit (technology) to another.  In addition, Congress stole another $100M in user fees, which has caused this delay to increase.  Unfortunately, our Congress [...]

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