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Patent Reform: Article Proves It’s Built on a Foundation of Sand

Patent ‘Reform’ Is Anything But was written in 2007, but all the points are still valid.  This article proves that patent litigation has not exploded and the argument about the Patent Office issuing numerous bad patents is bunk.  This destroys the whole justification for the Patent Reform Bill.

The article shows how the Patent Reform Bill is the brainchild of a few large technology companies to further their agenda.  This legislation will hurt innovation in U.S., will hurt small inventors, will hurt start-up companies and further damage the U.S. economy.  The main goal of the legislation is to reduce the cost of stealing inventions, but also to further harmonize our patent laws with the rest of the world.  Over the last two centuries, the U.S. has been the world leader in innovation and our patent laws have played an important part in this record of innovation.  There is no reason to harmonize our laws with other countries that are not as innovative as the U.S.   Please see for more informaton

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