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What is State of Innovation?

This blog is devoted to intellectual property innovation, patent law and innovation. The moderator, editor, and main author is Dale B. Halling. Mr. Halling is a patent attorney and entrepreneur. As a patent attorney, Mr. Halling has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies including McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Motorola, Ameritech, SBC, MCI, Cypress, and numerous technology start-ups. He has helped his clients obtain patents worldwide. Mr. Halling has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University, an MS in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas and a JD from St. Louis University. Mr. Halling is the author of the book “The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws are Killing Innovation.”
Philosophy of Science

This paper explores the philosophy of science.  The philosophy of science is mainly concerned with metaphysics and epistemology, but it is not completely divorced from ethics.  This paper defines the necessary philosophical underpinning of science.  At the end of this paper I will show that the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is inconsistent with the philosophy of  science.  Note that I am not suggesting that every scientist holds or held this philosophy.

Identity: The fundamental principle of science is that A is A (Identity), meaning that things exist; they have certain properties; more...

Guest Post: Stop the Destruction of Independent Invention

This is an open Letter by Randy Landreneau

Hello Friends,

The fight to stop multinational corporations from destroying the Patent System our Founders so intelligently created is coming to a head.  The Senate is expected to do something before the end of the month. I and some other inventors are going to Washington DC next week to meet with our Senators, and to do what we can to stop the further destruction of the American Patent System. We want as many inventors as possible to join us.

For any of you who aren’t up to speed, here’s the short version. Our Founders created the American Patent System much differently than patent systems in the rest of the world. The intent was that an individual from any walk of life would be able to own and benefit from that which he or she created. Since most innovation, and especially game-changing innovation, comes from individuals, more...

DK Halling Interview with Fran Lewis

The authors of Pendulum of Justice, Dale and Kaila Halling, will be on the Fran Lewis show on Thursday, January 16 at 3:45pm (EST) discussing their book, writing, and more with several other authors.

Latest Review of Pendulum of Justice

The Magnolia Blossom one of the premier review sites for independent authors just reviewed our book Pendulum of Justice and gave it 10 out of 10.  Here is what they had to say:

Convert this to a movie script and sell it to Hollywood. Excellent theme and plot. Big business and big government, intrigue, power-plays, coverups, tragic consequences and revenge more...


The authors (Sven Bostyn and Nicolas Petit) of this paper, PATENT=MONOPOLY – A LEGAL FICTION,  argue that patents are not a monopoly based on standard antitrust analysis.  It is very unusual for an academic paper to take such an unpopular position.  They must have not got the memo that the goal of all academics is to vilify inventors, patents, and property rights.  Below are some the lines I thought were interesting and my comments are below.

“No other IPR is so thoroughly examined and evaluated as a patent.”

No other property right is so expensive, more...

Guest Post: Fatal Patent Legislation Must Be Stopped

We are facing is the worst attack upon independent invention that we have ever faced. The changes from the America Invents Act pale in comparison. Having to be more secretive and file Provisional Patent Applications earlier can be dealt with, but having no possible way to defend a patent against a financially strong infringer is a fatal blow.

Many inventors have thought that bringing a patent infringement suit is financially beyond them. But this is America, and you can hire an attorney on contingency. Your patent and your case have to be strong, but it can be done. This isn’t some myth – I have a friend who did this and won. But the legislation that passed the House, H.R. 3309, has Loser Pays,  meaning that the patent holder has to pay the legal expenses of the infringer if the case isn’t won. There is some language in the bill that gives some leeway more...

GAO No Patent Litigation Explosion: No NPE Problem

There is a myth that Non-Practicing Entities (mythical creators who live under bridges) have caused an explosion in patent litigation.  A recent report from the Government Accounting Office has concluded: 1) current concerns expressed about patent licensing companies were misplaced, and 2) no such NPE litigation problem exists.  Yet Congress is pushing forward with the so called “Innovation Act.”  For more information see GAO Report on Patent Litigation Confirms No “Patent Troll” Litigation Problem.

Echoes of Pendulum of Justice: Government Stealing Inventions

An article by Eric Shawn on Fox News discusses how the government is stealing the inventions of private citizens.  In our Novel, Pendulum of Justice, the main character’s invention is stolen by the government resulting not only in the death of his company but the deaths of thousands of people.  These are the real world affects of our government not protecting more...

Gary Boone Inventor of the Microcontroller Dies at 68

Gary Boone invented the microcontroller while working at Texas Instrument in the early 1970s.  I had the good fortune to know Gary Boone in the later part of his life, he had a brilliant mind and was a good friend.  It is sad day for the electronics industry and my heart goes out to his family.

IEEE did an Oral History with Gary that was lost for over a decade. You can see the agility and brilliance of this great inventor’s mind in the interview.  Please read the whole oral history.  Mr. Boone has a number of interesting insights in the interview.  For instance, he states that he invented microcontroller while at Texas Instruments because of boredom.  He was working in a group designing custom Integrated Circuits (ICs).  While designing these chips he began to feel “I’m tired more...

Pendulum of Justice Now Available on Nook: Barnes and Noble

Pendulum of Justice, the first in the Hank Rangar series of novels, is now available on Barnes & NobleReader’ Favorite gave Pendulum of Justice five out five star, here is what they had to say:

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

Hank Rangar, former cyber warrior, has revolutionized cardiac surgeries, and is able to save millions of lives and medical expenses with his lab Made By Man. Unfortunately, his technology is stolen and his gravely ill sister desperately needs this crucial lifesaving procedure. Hank has to face a corrupt Washington bureaucracy – will he succeed? Pendulum of Justice is the first installment in the Hank Rangar Thriller more...





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